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Veronica Pendleton - Executive Director
Phone/Fax: (307)-682-4157
Barbara Connely - Director
Phone: (307)-686-2855
Adoption Program
[Veronica and Corey Pendleton]
(The Pendleton Family)

  Hello, the photo that you are looking at is me, Veronica Pendleton and my husband Corey. I have a BS in Physiology and a minor in Sociology. I am the Executive Director of A.D.O.P.P.T., INC. My sister, Barbara Connely and her husband Doug Connely are the two people that brought our agency together. Through their love for children and their most recent adoptions, we together have formed a state licensed adoption agency. We come from a very close family and have had the opportunity to add three wonderful little baby girls from Vietnam to our family. This is what got us started in adoptions from Vietnam. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity, not to mention the fact that we have a very honest adoption agent that makes our adoptions possible. We as an agency would like to help you experience the blessings and joy that comes from adding a child to your family. Our reputation serves us well in our hard work and honesty.

Sincerely, Veronica - Executive Director

[The Connely Family]
(The Connely Family)

  Hello I am the director of Adopt inc. My husband Doug is our coordinator director. He very much enjoys traveling to Vietnam to visit the orphanages and to also deliver donations. This also keeps us updated on any changes that occur with the orphanages that we work with.

  We have personally adopted three baby girls from Vietnam which has enlarged our family to 10 children . Since we have personally been through the adoption process we feel this enables us to prepare our clients with the adoption procedures also it give us a good understanding of what our clients are feeling. Our jobs are to make you feel as much at ease as possible through your adoption process.

Barbara Connely - Director

(The Henderson Family)

Hi! My name is Erin Henderson. I have a wonderful husband Joshua, three young sons, Nathan, Ryan and Shane and our daughter from Vietnam, Margaret. My job with ADOPPT Inc. is to give information to perspective clients as well as help current clients in any way I can. I joined the ADOPPT Inc. staff after we completed the adoption of our daughter Maggie in January of 2002. I fell in love with the culture, people and most of all, the children of Vietnam. Our adoption was a wonderful experience and I look forward to helping other families through the process.
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