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Veronica Pendleton - Executive Director
Phone/Fax: (307)-682-4157
Barbara Connely - Director
Phone: (307)-686-2855
Email: adopptb@bresnan.net
For Vietnam
1. Assistance in filling out and filing of INS (Immigration and Naturalization) forms.

2. Preparation and Re-certification of the family home study within the state of Wyoming.

3. Assistance in preparation of a dossier in accordance with the laws of the country in which the family has chosen to adopt. This shall include translation and certification of all necessary documents and then applying to the correct government department.

4. Obtaining, when attainable, medical records, social histories, photographs, and observations of children awaiting adoption.

5. Notifying the country of the adoptive parent's acceptance to adopt a certain child.

6. Assist and instruct the family through court procedures.

7. Provide the family with information on air travel, visas, interpreters, drivers, and accommodations.

8. Assistance in obtaining the child's entrance visa into the U.S.

9. Provide adoptive family with information on cultural activities and personal experience of the child's birth country.

10. Acquire and distribute aid to children and orphanages

last modified: 6/15/03