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[G.A.R.F.]Sexual Assault Facts

Sexual Assualt / Abuse; Sexual assualt is any unwanted sexual contact with lack of consent, and/or the threat or actual use of violence. Sexual assault is a crime of power; it is not a desire for sex. Many tactics are used to manipulate a victim including rape drugs, alcohol or coercion, often causing a victim to feel at fault. THE VICTIM IS NEVER TO BLAME.

Sexual Abuse/Incest; is any manual, oral, visual or genital sexual contact that a person in authority imposes on a child. It may include suggestive language, child pornography, or not respecting a child's privacy while they are bathing or undressing.

There is help - whether you are an adult survivor, a rape victim, a family member, friend or parent of a victim, there is someone to listen and to help. For more information contact G.A.R.F. at 307-686-8071